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"Client Love"

Just a few Kind words from wonderful people whom I have helped over the years.
It was an absolute pleasure to work with these people.

I love what I do! 

Hi Rosi

Rosie, thank you so much for the RTT session on abundance. It's been a week ago and I already notice that I have a lot of creative ideas and projects. I want to realize them with a lot of self-confidence and conviction. I listen to your recording every day and that assures my future plans. I'm starting to get results and that's great. You have a super nice, soft and warm voice which influences listening to your recording even more. The session with you was fantastic and I am very grateful. I definitely highly recommend you.

Once again thank you dear. 



Image by Helena Lopes

"I came to Rosie because of an issue with learning German, something quite important as I live in the German-speaking part of Switzerland.

Over time I attended several courses which I never completed; I reached a basic level but used it just sporadically because I was always fearing to do mistakes while speaking with others and to not be able to understand them.

And this of course was holding me back from improving and closing the doors to a full and integrated life.

I perceived it as a pure failure, a real handicap, and a massive self-esteem ballast.

My RTT session with Rosie has been awesome: Rosie has run everything perfectly, since the very beginning, providing very good guidance through the different steps at the right pace; her voice really made me comfortable across the different phases and took me to clearly see those blocks that were causing my fears and limiting beliefs.

Since then, I stuck rigorously to the 21-days recording listening plan and I committed to a daily 30-min slot dedicated to the German practice.

At a certain point I was also eager to go outside and have some basic conversation to try me out: it has been amazing to see that regardless of my level (which didn’t change significantly yet) I was more relaxed, and words came out way more easily.

Next week I will start with a private teacher with weekly lessons and I’m very excited!


That’s something I couldn’t even imagine 3 weeks ago. Thanks again Rosie!"


Cla, Switzerland

"Rosie is an extraordinary therapist with an outstanding level of professionalism! She is caring and understanding and her kind nature provided me with a safe space to share, grow and heal even if in the beginning I thought I would never get to be hypnotized. I'm a single mother and before that I came to live in a country where I had no one to trust, no one to lean on to so I always had to be aware and in control of my life, relax and let go without being on my "shopping list''. But Rosie managed brilliantly to do that. WOW, WOW, WOW.   Since my session with Rosie I have definitely more confidence in myself, ready to have all the things done and better organized. I feel amazing! All my life I was waiting to be praised for the things I was achieving but that rarely happened and I felt disappointed, unsupportive and not enough. After the session with Rosie I don't really care what others think,  I am the only person I care about having an opinion about the things, objectives, goals and mistakes I make.  And that's soooo liberating. I have a voice now! I'm not scared to speak my truth, my mind and to stand up for myself anymore. I had a big block right there being scared to be judged, criticized and stupid. Before the session with Rosie I knew I am a strong person but now I can feel it too. 

The guidance throughout this process with Rosie was amazing! I would choose her over and over again and I recommend it from the bottom of my heart!

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you beautiful soul! You made my life soooo much better! :)

Marina D.

Alexa Young, CA

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