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"Resilience is very different than being numb. Resilience means you experience, you feel, you fail, you hurt, you fall, but, you keep going"

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Dear Reader,

Thank you for visiting my website!

Your presence here is very welcome I hope you become inspired.

Just a little about me before I started on this journey of healing parts of me that needed healing and working on Growing my mindset. This work on myself has lead me to acquire wonderful tools that aid me in this growth mindset work and I love to help and guide others however I can from what I have learnt.

So here goes.... 

My own journey as a Expat was very challenging, after the excitement of living in another country wore off, challenges arose. New culture, language issues, and becoming a mother to two wonderful children along the way saw rise to many emotional storms and challenges.


But through all of the turmoil the one thing I began to work on was my mindself, by reading books, listening to podcasts, learning meditation and learning a new skill I have educated myself on the topics of healing and growth. 

Mindset is everything and can really effect the outcome of your life. 

Studying Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) and becoming  a RTT practitioner has been a game changer for me, I absolutely love the tools I have learned within this method, and I love using them to help others overcome their struggles and guide them to what really lies beneath their struggles. It has really transformed my life. 


I love guiding people to feel more empowered in their lives so that they can go forward to create and be more present in their everyday interactions in life.


I love showing them how resilient they really are, and build on that, and help them let go of what they need to let go of and watch them grow into better versions of themselves. Working on your mindset and letting go of what holds you back really propels you into a better life that is whole and more connected. 

The decision to work on yourself can be scary, but the reward for doing so is so much more satisfying as you begin to show up differently in your life, and you start building a more fulfilling one. By taking responsibility and healing what needs healing  you start to make better decisions for you, you begin to feel more attuned to your inner presence, you begin to feel more at peace within yourself, and that is a wonderful feeling to align with.

Your interactions with people change for the better, problems now have solutions and your approach to challenges is less stressful.  Life becomes more meaningful.

Below is a poem I wrote before I fully dived into healing parts of myself by letting go.  I hmmmd and haaaad for a while before taking the plunge because when you embark on understanding yourself on a deeper level, (it is a continuous journey) you constantly grow and evolve.  Old parts fall away and new parts grow.


I told myself that I would share this poem when I finally seen the benefit of working on my mindset.  Its normal to have doubts and feel scared about this work but the benefits of such work on yourself really do out way those doubts. Everything just gets better when you let go, especially within yourself.


So please enjoy my poem, I hope it inspires you and you begin to work on healing what needs healing in you in order to live a more meaningful and connected life. 
Reach out to me if you need guidance on how to start. 

sending you much love,

to your success,

Rosie xx

The Doorway....

Stop standing in the Doorway,
It’s only a frame and surround.
It does not support you, even though you think it is sound.


It’s a point of in between!
Do I go back………………………?
Or move forward…………………?
Make the choice to do so, but do not regret the unforeseen.


Choices are hard to make!
The road behind has been travelled, there has been many a mistake.
To look back on the travelled path, may make your heart ache.


To stand in the doorway may make you feel scared...........

of the decisions you really have to make.
Clear the mind of past mistakes and look to the lesson that made you break.
There you will learn to move forward, to become wiser and pave a new road.
And inspire others along your path from the seeds you have sowed.

Make time for your healing, forgive, and let go.
Make plans for your future and continue to grow.
Take that step and move forward, the risk will be great.
Stop standing in the doorway............. you choose your fate.

By Rosemary (Rosie) McAloon 26/12/2019

Image by Anna Sullivan
Holding Hands

Remember "how you overcome struggles in life may become someone elses survival guide"


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